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"Empower Teachers to Become Sustainability Managers at School" is a project co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission.


The aim of the project is to support schools’ transition toward a more sustainable model. 


Thus, the objective of our project are:

OBJECTIVE #1 - Develop a Whole-school Approach to Sustainability 

   The whole-school approach to sustainability aims at creating a long-lasting change that involves the entire school and its stakeholders (teachers, staff, students, parents and more). This approach is proven to be more effective than individual activities to make a successful transition to a more sustainable school.

OBJECTIVE #2 - Raise Awareness About Sustainability Among All People Involved With the School 

    Thanks to our resources and tools we will raise awareness among all the schools’ actors about sustainability issues and the importance of taking action to tackle them.

OBJECTIVE #3 - Empower Teachers and School Staff with a Set of Tools to Build a Sustainability Strategy

    We will provide teachers and school staff with effective tools to support them toward the establishment of a sustainability manager and the development of a sustainability strategy.

OBJECTIVE #4 - Make Schools Drivers of Change Towards a More Sustainable World

    Schools are the starting point for shaping tomorrow's leaders. That is why it is important that schools become leaders of change and set an example for a more sustainable world.

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